Photo Gear to be Sold


Below are items that I plan to sell in the near future. As I have time I will add photos of each item then list them on eBay. If you are interested in any of these items, please make me an offer of cash (PayPal) or trade. I will try to ad a list of items Im looking to obtain.



Beseler audible repeating timer

Gralab 300 Darkroom Timer


Nikon 400 f3.5 Manual focus lens


Wein Pro-Sync 4-Channel System

Multiple Transmitters & Receivers


Various Leica


Various Hasselblad


Various Speedotron


2 Dynalite Uni 400jrs


Various Darkroom


Quantum bantam w/ 285 Module Replaced Cell 1/09


Quantum Turbo Cables for Nikon SB-26


AC Adapter / Charger for Quantum Battery 1